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Patient Reviews

We specifically liked all of the teeth cleaning supplies provided for us after each appointment - Patient

Everyone is very nice, and you have a clean office. - Patient

Office is very friendly and clean; feels like home. - Patient

We will refer patients to your office because you have great care and excellent chairside manner. - Patient

We hardly ever have to wait, and we love the staff! - Parent 

Super friendly staff, and we specifically like the atmosphere in the lobby! - Patient

We will refer patients to you because everyone is upbeat and cheery, and it feels like you are family! - Parent 

I specifically liked the décor, accessibility and the friendly people! - Patient

All of my friends go here, and it’s a great office. - Patient

You care about your patients; very fun and colorful office. - Patient

Dr. Cash & staff are very friendly and professional. - Parent 

I would refer someone to your practice because I had no problems and feel that it’s the best orthodontics place in town! - Patient

Usually very prompt at keeping appointment times to get me into the chair; team is knowledgeable and professional. - Patient

I really liked how clean and organized everything is. - Patient

Every staff member seems really friendly and have your care in their best interest. - Patient

Clean, modern, bright, spacious, friendly staff! - Parent

Great results, beautiful smile! - Parent

Your office has been awesome; thank you for helping us in our recent orthodontic emergency! - Parent

Incredible, heart-felt care was given. - Patient

Our entire family has had excellent care and great results. - Parent and Patient

Thank you for everything!!! Everyone here is so friendly!!

That you for allowing me to get braces and giving me a smile of a lifetime.

Thank you so much for all your hard work to get my beautiful smile. I have enjoyed meeting all of you.

I have always been treated nicely by everyone here. Thank you for fixing my teeth!

Thank you so much for all the care and support through my time here!

Everyone at Cash's office has been so supportive and awesome during this experience.

Thank you ALL so much for all your hard work in getting my smile perfect again. You guys ROCK!!